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NNFU uplifted members of the Namibia Rural Women Network with seeds.

The Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU) have supported members of the Namibia Rural Women Network with seeds for backyard gardens. An initiative that occurred in Kunene region, within the Sesfontein area as from the 2nd to 6 May. 

Apart from receiving seeds for backyard gardens, the upcoming farmers gained exposure by visiting farmers that are already producing for commercial/trading purposes. The sole purpose for the visit was to promote farmer-to-farmer information sharing and set up network of support structures for farmers within the horticulture sector. 

The visit or trip comprised of the following places: Groot-Berg poultry, Zatjinda Horticulture Project, Rungondo potatoes, Ganuseb farming, Conservancy gardening project and poultry project. The trip consisted of 13 farmers. About 50 local farmers attended the Information sharing day at Groot-Berg, which was core-financed by Agribank. NNFU also supported the farmers with meals while the ministry of Agriculture provided transportation. 

The Namibia Rural Women Network applauded the intervention as it equipped farmers with up-to-date knowledge on farming and as it exposed them to on field practical demonstration.