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Omaheke farmers determine to grow the agronomy sector.

Farmers across the Omaheke region came in number to attend the two-day crop farmers’ information session day that was held in the Gobabis constituency, at farm Kaukurus. The crop farmers’ info day which was held under the theme: “Diversification of farming systems for food and nutritional health” attracted more than one hundred farmers across various constituency in the region.

According to Kaupurua Kuhanga, a resettlement farmer within the region and also one of the organiser for the event highlighted that the purpose of the crop farmers’ day was to showcase different agronomic products that are being produced by farmers in the different constituencies. The farmers from the different constituency then competed with each other in terms of which constituency produces more. Omaheke region have 7 constituencies and all constituency play a vital role in agronomy. The info day also presented an opportunity for farmers to engage interact and learn from each other.

Omaheke region governor Pijoo Nganate who attended the event, applauded farmers for the fact that they are not only producing but they are also striving to add value on their produce. “I am very proud with the value addition that is taking place here”, he stated.

Jorry Kaurivi, the Chief Agricultural Scientific officer from the ministry of agriculture encouraged farmers to use every opportunity to improve their farming activities and to carefully utilise the resources that is in their disposal.

At the gatherings, farmers also donated packs of foods to the office of the governor. The food is to be distributed to vulnerable residents.

The crop farmers’ info day is an annual event within the region and being hosted in different constituency each year. As of next year, the crop farmers’ day will be hosted in the Kalahari constituency.