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The Blood line of cultivation – Quality seed and Quality soil

Selecting and identifying the type of seed to plant or cultivate with, forms one of the basis that leads to higher yield. The type of seeds that a farmer have chosen and the type of soil where this seed will be planted forms the bottom line, if whether the farm will harvest high yield or low yield. Hence, it is of utmost importance for farmers to identify if the seeds that they are planting is in good condition and are not affected by any pests. Good quality seeds are essential to grow strong and healthy crops which can resist disease or even drought. If infected seeds are used for the next crop, seed-borne diseases are transferred into the farm. Seed selection should therefore start by farmers obtaining seeds from healthy plants or farmers can buy and acquire them from trusted sources. In broad sense, quality seed is the most vital, crucial input for crop production and one of the ways to increase the productivity. Good quality seeds has a high return per unit area, they respond well to the applied fertilisers and nutrients.

Once, the farmer has selected the quality seed; another important factor is the bedding where this seed will be laid. The type of soil where this seed will be planted plays a vital role. Farmers have to know whether the soil is acidic, alkaline and whether it is fertile enough for the plants to thrive in. The type of soil where the seeds will be planted have important direct and indirect impacts on agricultural productivity, water quality and the global climate. Quality soils make it possible for plants to grow as they can store and process more water compared to poor soil that will not hold much water and making it difficult for plants to thrive and survive in it. The key to healthy, high-quality soil is lots of organic matter things formed by living organisms.

Good quality soil enhances crop quality, conserve water, and adjust water filtration and holding capacity. The relationship between life contained in the soil and the health of the plants that grow within it is inseparable. A plants` ability to move their roots through the soil and find essential nutrient is dependent on the soil`s texture, structure and nutrient content. The biology in the soil creates movement of space and organic matter to aid the ease of root exploration. It is also the mechanism by which nutrients are made available to plants: through decomposition and excretion of dead organic matter.

When these two components (soil & seed) have carefully been selected by farmers, it is inevitable that the harvest will yield high return. Farmers should cultivate their field with high quality seeds and they should improve their soil with the necessary fertilizer to ensure that their operation will be successful and productive.

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