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About Us


Namfarmers is a corporation that promotes agriculture and invests across the agricultural value chain in Namibia to help the country meet its food security goals while also creating jobs. Since 2017, the firm have been involved in a number of agricultural projects aimed at accelerating development and empowering more people to become farmers in order to boost production and combat food insecurity in Namibia.

At Namfarmers, we take great delight and excellence in assuring businesses, by offering a comprehensive tailored platform directly to farmers.

Our philosophy is simple; we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of farmers, primarily through information sharing on new farming trends on the market.

Our Vision

To be the preferred company that plays a crucial role in promoting agriculture in Namibia while delivering a positive impact.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional customer service to our clients through innovative solutions that address their challenges and accelerate sustainable development within the agriculture sector.

Our values

Represents and clarify, what we stands for. It is also this values that define Namfarmers.


We are committed to promoting agriculture, farming and environmental sustainability in Namibia.


We represent the truth, in our report works and researches.


Responsible for our actions and decisions that we embark on.


We are delighted and passionate about what we bring to the masses.


Working together to ensure a mutual benefit for all Namibian farmers.

Target distribution


The magazine is being distributed countrywide through local retailers (Shoprite, Checkers & Woermann brock). The magazine is also available at certain selected service stations, lodges and various government and stakeholder offices. Because of its well informative and up to date contents, school and university libraries are also accommodating the magazine in their library through subscription.



Marketing & Advertising for various organisations

Namfarmers magazine provides tailored platforms to farmers and entities that have interest in the Agri sector where they can directly advertise their products and services to their target customers. It is evident clear that through this platform, they will directly reach their clients. Why? Because the magazine is thoroughly dispersed over the whole of Namibia, as it is available in most popular retailers. Secondly, the magazine has a very long shelf life (monthly) enabling adverts and contents covered in to be widely seen.

Agricultural & farmers service consultants

Agricultural consultants are professional problem-solvers and advisers that provide advice in all matters concerning the ownership and occupation of land and rural businesses. They can specialise in providing agricultural related consultancy services to individual farmers, companies and organisations.

At Namfarmers, we provide assistance for individuals (end-users) and farmers; who would want to embark on certain researches for instance “the cause of foot & mouth disease in cattle’s”. Namfarmers also acts in collaboration with some stakeholders to advice farmers on how to increase their yield and how to farm naturally (greener way) without damaging the environment where agricultural and farming practices are held. Namfarmers also aims to educate farmers on how to resolve conflict between wild animals and livestock.

Environmental & Risk Analysis

At Namfarmers, we highly believe that environmental sustainability is of utmost importance. A damaged environment takes several years before it comes back in full swing of recovery, that`s why we highly believe that our environment should be well conserved. We have a team of experts that can analyse the environmental issue or prevailing issues before they materialise. Prevention is better than cure.

Farm Management

Farm management, making and implementing of the decisions involved in organizing and operating a farm for maximum production and profit. Farm management draws on agricultural economics for information on prices, markets, agricultural policy, and economic institutions such as leasing and credit. It also draws on plant and animal sciences for information on soils, seed, and fertilizer, on control of weeds, insects, and disease, and on rations and breeding; on agricultural engineering for information on farm buildings, machinery, irrigation, crop drying, drainage, and erosion control systems; and on psychology and sociology for information on human behaviour. In making his decisions, a farm manager thus integrates information from the biological, physical, and social sciences.

At Namfarmers, we cannot emphasise the importance of managing a farm correctly. As a result, we have a team of experts that can manage your farms, whether it’s a communal or commercial farmer. Because farms differ widely, the significant concern in farm management is the specific individual farm; the plan most satisfactory for one farm may be most unsatisfactory for another. Farm management problems range from those of the small, near-subsistence and family-operated farms to those of large-scale commercial farms where trained managers use the latest technological advances, and from farms administered by single proprietors to farms managed by the state.

Agricultural Research & Development

Namfarmers also have a team of experts that offers disaster recovery plans consisting of the precautions taken so that the effects of a disaster will be minimised, in case of a flood or other natural disaster. In that way the farmers will be able to either maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions.