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AfriAgriFed : A Namibian agritech startup that aim to revolutionize agriculture

Interview questions with the AfriAgrifed app founder , Mr Efraim Nyambali.


  1. Can you provide an overview of your Agritech startup and the problem it aims to solve in the agricultural industry?

This is an Agritech startup which aims at solving food insecurity in Africa starting with Namibia. This is be done by connecting 3 sectors (Producers, Market & Education) in one platform (The app AfriAgriFed) to boost food production.

  1. What inspired you to start this Agritech venture? Was there a specific gap or challenge you identified in the Namibian market?

My life objective of making a significant impact in the community is the main inspiration behind this. Additionally, COVID19 has boosted my initiation by observing how food insecurity and upscale of food prices effected every Namibian. We want to ensure that Namibia and Africa produce their own food and become food independent which we can only attain by boosting food production.

  1. Could you explain the technology or solution your startup offers to address these challenges?

Through this one platform (Afriagrifed App) three main factors affecting food security (Producers, market, and education) are brought together to ensure that they connect significantly to boost food production.

  1. We ensure that producers get into easy connection with the market, and they get to know the demand from market that they produce more. The connectivity between market and producers is focused and enhanced through the app. There is easy, fast, and reliable access to the market. We also want to ensure that there is connection between producers and education, where producers are educated on challenges and problems, they face leading to efficient production of food.
  2. We ensure that the market knows the availability of products and they create awareness to the producers on the demand in the market. This will also help the market to ensure that it satisfies the demand by requesting for more from producers. This will ensure that the market provides food that is affordable to everyone as it is locally produced.
  3. Ensure that education solves problems on the ground faced by producers very fast and effectively to help them become efficient in production of food. We also ensure that producers are educated on upscaling their production systems to meet demand. On the other hand, we want to ensure that education system gets to teach students on challenges affecting farmers on the ground which will also help them add value to Agriculture. We also want to ensure that there is also a good space for researchers and agricultural students have a live industry to gain practical knowledge.
  1. How does your technology integrate with or improve traditional agricultural practices?
  1. It ensures that there is live connectivity and sales linkages between producers and market.
  2. Producers will farm knowing the exact demand in the market which helps them farm effectively.
  3. There is provision of interactive market space through this platform (AFRIAGRIFED App), the market is visible and enlarged.
  4. There is proper education on farming and effective solving of problems facing producers to help them produce effectively through the App.
  5. With this App we collect reliable data, provide reliable Agricultural information and statistics to be consumed by the 3 sectors (Producers, Market, and education).
  6. Ensures that there is proper marketing with this big market.
  7. With this App we want to track impact on Africa’s agriculture and ensure that we improve the impact every time.
  1. What sets your Agritech startup apart from other companies in the industry?
  1. We are the first to connect these 3 sectors (Producers, Market, and education) in one platform.
  2. Only organization providing easy, live, and interactive market and ensuring big cut of unnecessary of expenses to the producers.
  1. Can you share any success stories that highlight the impact of your solution on farmers or agricultural productivity?