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Hunting Season Announced

It`s just around the corner: Hunting Season Announced

The hunting season for the year 2019 will be held as from 01 May to 31 August. According to the Ministry of environment , the hunting season opens up for farms that are larger than 1000 hectares and conservancies that are fenced with game-proof fencing and most importantly in registered conservancies where quotas were allocated.

Based on the Ministry of environment gemsbok, red harted beest and kudu are considered large game species, while warthog and springbok are considered small. Hunters are only allowed one Kudu during the season, but the full order of the hunting season is as follow; either 12 small game animals are allowed per hunter or either one large and eight small, or either two large and four small, or only three large game animals.

Hunting permits are issued to conservancy and landowner at a cost of N$ 100 each. It is necessary for these conservancy and landowners to report back to the Ministry. In regard with farm owners and committee, they are required to provide the white copy of the permit to the hunter and report back to the permit office by returning the blue copy with the required information filled in and this is based on the Ministry`s requirement. Failure to do so may result in the Ministry refusing to issue further permits to the relevant party. All those interested in permits can acquire them from the Ministry of environment in Windhoek or at any of its regional offices.

Landowners and committees are requested to ensure that their invitation letters contain their full name and address, along with those of the hunter, as well as the name, number and district of the conservancy or the farm where the hunt is to take place. According to the Ministry, the hunter is required to provide the period during which the hunt and transportation of the meat will take place and the total numbers of animals per species that they will be hunting. Hunters are not allowed to import any automatic weapons. In the case of hunting rifles and shotguns for game birds, a letter of invitation from the landowner or conservancy committee is required to bring the weapons into the country.