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NAB Achieves Significant Milestone: Quality Management System Certification

The Namibian Agronomic Board has received a quality management system certification (ISO 9001:2015) from the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI), which is valid for 3 years. This achievement positions NAB as the first state-owned entity to receive this certification. This shows that the services it provides are internationally recognized, showcasing its dedication to delivering top-notch services to its diverse customer base and better serve the agronomic and horticultural industry.

The ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) certificate allows NAB to provide conformity assessments, inspect, and certify local farms against local gaps. It also assisted the organization being approved by the Global Good Agriculture Practice (Global GAP) as a verification body for local GAPS. The standards further require that an organization meet statutory requirements, legal requirements, and organizational strategic objectives.

Dr. Fidelis Mwazi, the NAB Chief Executive Officer, added that they are mandated to promote the agronomic industry and to facilitate the processing, storage, and marketing of all controlled crops that are gazette in Namibia. He also touched on the global gap, which seems to be so high that some of the small-scale farmers might not be able to be accredited to it since it is costly. However, he said with the adaptation of local gaps, it can help local farmers export their products to the SADC market, meaning they need to start training farmers to be competent in understanding the inspection services between local gaps.

He further explained that the reason they’re implementing local and global policies is to enable farmers to have access to international markets. He emphasized that NAB’s approach to local and global GAP standards underscores their commitment to a thorough inspection process.