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Phosphate supplements for the green season

During the rainy season, all animals are in a fast-growing phase which lead to increased energy metabolism.  The higher energy metabolism also leads to increased phosphate requirements, even higher requirements during the dry season.  Yes, animals need phosphate throughout the year, because it is a very important mineral for optimal animal production!

There are different kinds of phosphorus raw materials varying from P18, P21 to P23.  These sources do not only differ in their phosphate concentration but also the availability of the phosphate to the animal (bio-availability). Therefore it is important to know which is used in the final product formulation.

 The availability of the phosphate in Futterfos (P14) is the best due to the better sources of phosphate included in the product as well as less calcium than in most other phosphates, which can limit phosphorus intake.

Futterfos is enriched with high amounts of essential micro-minerals, significantly more than the Act 36 of 1947 requirements which also contribute to better animal production and reproduction.

Animals need small amounts of phosphate every day to maintain production.

The only supplement to consider in summer (rainy season, green pastures) is a Phosphate lick.  Phosphate (P) is an important mineral for good fertility, development of the bone structure, energy metabolism and milk production.

Mix either FUTTERFOS + 50kg salt or VEEFOS P12 + 50kg salt to get a balanced phosphate lick called P6. P6 is suitable for sheep, goat, cattle, horses and donkeys.  Futterfos P6 is ready to use and require no additional mixing.  The product is available in a 50kg bag and one bag is enough for 2 000 sheep or 250 cows per day due to the low daily intake.

P6 does not contain any urea and is therefore not poisonous when getting wet from the rain. When giving P6 to animals we recommend removing rock salt to ensure that animals eat the right amount of phosphate and other minerals.

Phosphate licks do not contain any urea, thus is safe to give to animals during the rainy season!

The following guidelines are applicable:

Small Stock = 20g Futterfos P6 per ewe per day

Large Stock = 250g Futterfos P6 per cow per da40kg Futterfos + 50kg salt = P6  OR  50kg Veefos P12 + 50kg salt = P6

Differences between Licks, Feeds and Concentrates

Licks are ready-mixed, concentrates that still need to to be mixed.

Licks are a balanced supplement that is given daily in small amounts to animals grazing on the veld.  Licks can be a balanced mixture of protein, energy, minerals, phosphates and salt.  Licks can be divided into the green season and dry season period. The feed is either a complete (containing roughage) or a semi-complete (without roughage) feed. A semi-complete feed has to be restricted to 1 to 1.5% of live weight and an adoption period is important.

Contact your Feedmaster Technical Advisor for the best advice and products:

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