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What may happen in a forest ecosystem when the trees are cut down and not replaced by other groundcover?

Once trees are cut down, the impacts of the sun will be stronger and extreme temperatures will affect the shade-loving species which were able to survive under the trees. These plants will die leaving the soil barren and dry. The diversity of plant and animal life will be affected. Manybirds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and plants that found their habitat near the trees, will disappear. The lack of diversity may affect the biological pest control of nearby agricultural fields. Nutrient-rich soil particles may be dislodged and the structure of the soil broken down by heavy raindrops without the protection of branches and leaves to deflect the rain. Both soil particles and nutrients in solution may be carried away. Protection against flooding may disappear without the trees and their roots.


The roots of trees helps to keep soil porous, aid the infiltration of rain, and retard the surface movement of water, thereby preventing floods and retaining moisture in the soil. Thus, when trees are removed the water is no longer able to infiltrate the soil and runs off to streams laden with silt.


Organic and mineral in the soil are reduced. This results in the breakdown of soil structure so that wind can remove and dry out the soil. Sources of firewood, lumber, and other tree crops for domestic needs (e.g, medicines, fruits,fodder,honey) are eliminated if too many trees or wholes forests are removed.


Hence, think twice before cutting down that tree and to end deforestation in our community and our society; may we all start planting trees. We will be amazed by the vast forests that we will create

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